3G Capital

“Excellent ideas are rare...that’s why concentration is so important” -Warren Buffett

3G Capital Management is founded on the belief of the 3 Gs.

Good Business

Businesses that occupy leading positions in their respective industries with long term track records of leadership sustained success. These companies generate returns in excess of 15% annually, can pay off their debt with cash flow in less than three years.

Good Management

Businesses run by management teams that are both skillful operators and intelligent capital allocators.

Good Price

Businesses that trade between 4-10x normalized earnings.

Pavel Begun

Mr. Begun has over twenty years of experience in valuation-based investing. Prior to co-founding 3G Capital he worked as a research analyst for Fiduciary Asset Management and also for A.G. Edwards & Sons where he was responsible for equity research across multiple sectors. From 2010 through 2017 Mr. Begun sat on the Board of Directors of AlarmForce Industries Inc, a leading North American residential alarm monitoring company, whose shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. From 2012 through 2017 Mr. Begun was a Non-Executive Director at Grafenia PLC, a leading British provider of software and service solutions to the graphic design industry, whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Mr. Begun graduated with Honors from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A. in Accounting and Finance and he also graduated valedictorian from Western Kentucky University with a B.S. in Finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts. Mr. Begun has been a guest speaker at a number of universities and also at various investing conferences giving lectures on the topic of investments since 2001. He was named the recipient of CFA Magazine’s annual Most Driven honor in 2007.

Cory Bailey

Mr. Bailey has over twenty years of experience in valuation-based investing. Before cofounding 3G Capital he was a research analyst with Fiduciary Asset Management responsible for equity research. Prior to his tenure with Fiduciary Asset Management Mr. Bailey worked as an analyst in the investment banking group at Robert W. Baird & Co. providing analytical support on mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and other financial advisory services. Mr. Bailey graduated from St. Louis University with a B.S. in Finance and a minor in Accounting.

Experienced Investment Management

Cory Bailey and Pavel Begun have been managing the fund for over 16 years. Together they have over 40 years’ experience working in the public equity markets.


3G Capital’s team spans the entire investment universe for the best businesses that fit the 3G model.


3G Capital only acquires their best ideas. The portfolio consists of 8-10 stocks, the top 5 represent 65% of the holdings. 3G Capital's team avoids the “Institutional Imperative” having up to, or over 100 positions in a portfolio. The level of in-depth analysis, extensive knowledge of individual company, their business, industry/sector, and country specific knowledge becomes diluted. Such portfolios rarely have long term perspectives., allowing them to own only companies that fit the idea of a good business, run by good management, at a good price.


The 3G Capital Global Concentated Equity Fund is built for long-term capital appreciation. The biggest risk is time. The fund holds its investments for an average of 3-5 years.


3G Capital’s work is to identify the largest mispricing where the market is the most wrong to make the most money.

Repeatable Process

3G Capital’s process is consistent, repeatable and in-depth. It is grounded upon facts and rational analysis, and has been proven over decades.


The 3G Capital team has cultivated relationships around the globe. Cory Bailey and Pavel Begun have traveled around the world and have connected with many industry experts, analysts, and other key people that help them understand the landscapes of the industries and countries within which they invest. They are known for creating relationships with the owners of many of the companies they own, as they believe it will give them a better sense of how the business will fare in the long-term.


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